Jun. 17th, 2009


Jun. 17th, 2009 07:16 am
- briefly.

My computer and phone are now conspiring to silence me. My computer has decided that the wireless network at home is now password-protected (it really isn't), and won't let me in until I've guessed whatever nonsensical set of characters its fevered imagination has dreamt up. My phone resists all attempts to allow me to top it up - apparently, the 7p that remains on there already exceeds my maximum calling credit. Until I can sort these things out properly, I regret that my posts are likely to be few and hastily written.....

Oh, yes, that's right... I must be quick....

I'm still recovery in a fairly promising fashion, as far as I can tell. Blood is tiresome now.

I'm learning that a stubborn belief in my capacity to do something is not always sufficient. Sometimes, just one little bag of shopping may be too much.

I seem to be doing OULES., and this may be fine. This term, all I have to do is lie under a tree for a while and then waddle on and sing four lines as a polar bear. I must attempt to locate the elusive polar bear costume.

I sent my latest gender-dysphoria-policy-review-critique letter off in time. My decision to stay up until nearly 4am one night last week to get it finished, when I'm finding myself in need of more rest than usual, may be why I spent almost all of the following forty-eight hours asleep.

There are many people with whom I must get in contact. I'm sorry. I'll try to get this internet thing sorted out as soon as possible....



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